Volunteer Firefighters and EMT's (preferably AEMT level) are needed at Twin Lakes Fire Department and Rescue Squad. Apply today! Click Here!


Twin Lakes Rescue Squad

Rescue Star of Life

Since 1949, the Twin Lakes Rescue Squad has been the first line of defense in emergency medical situations for Twin Lakes and its neighboring communities. The main goal has always been to provide the best level of care available.


Unfortunately, this emergency assistance that we provide does not always come without cost. The dedication and effort of all the members, as well as our time, is something which we can provide, but the upkeep and maintenance of our 2 ambulances, as well as the extensive training required, both new and refresher, can become quite costly.


The rescue squad responds to over 700 calls per year. As the growth in our response area increases, this call volume is also bound to increase. The Rescue Squad currently has over thirty Emergency Medical Technicians of various levels and we are always taking on new members to help us to help you. We are there to provide our services twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. the costs of providing these services are always increasing and it is with the help of your generous donations that we can continue to grow and keep up with the increasing demand of our services.


Thanks to your continued support, we have always been there when you or your community calls. With your support we will do our best to continue to be there for you.